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Dealing with medical expenses through bankruptcy

With today’s economic conditions, serious injuries or illnesses can cause serious financial upheaval. Prolonged ailments requiring long recovery periods can deprive people of their ability to earn a living. Many working Americans have health insurance through their employment, but more often than not, such coverage does not cover mounting expenses caused by serious and prolonged illnesses.

Could you face surprise medical bills from an illness?

This has been a tough flu season in many parts of the country. When the flu or some other illness cuts through an area, it can leave many people with unexpected health care needs. This could include needing an ambulance or care at an emergency room. These care needs can have a variety of expenses attached to them.

Credit card debt soars above trillion-dollar mark

Having credit card debt does not mean that you are a failure. Although credit card debt could arise from risky spending habits, it can also accumulate simply from purchasing groceries and keeping the lights on in your home. You aren’t a bad parent or spouse for doing your best to provide for your family despite financial strain.

Financial strain could cause both divorce and bankruptcy

Couples divorce for many different reasons. Stress and resentment are two factors that can play into the decision to divorce. If you and your spouse are struggling financially, that burden can become almost unbearable. Divorce in itself can be an expensive process. Getting a divorce while already struggling with financial issues can be arduous. The weight of the stress may make you become resentful. It will be hard, but try not to place blame.

Manage your child’s health and medical debt

It is tough when our children get sick. You never want to see them in pain. It can feel almost helpless as a parent when children fall ill. You do anything and everything you can to help them feel better. You take them to the doctor, give them medicine, comfort them and follow up as much as necessary. Unfortunately, getting sick can come with a hefty price tag. You will spend any amount of money to help your child feel better, but knowing that bills are stacking up can be extra daunting.


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