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Bankruptcy after divorce

If you have recently been through a divorce, you know how much your life has change. Perhaps one of the changes that you were hoping for, relief from debt, hasn't happened to your satisfaction. Divorce and financial stress are closely related so this situation is very common.

Considering a title loan? DON'T!!!

Everyone goes through periods in life when cash at hand isn't enough to cover expenses. Whether facing a lay off or an unexpected medical expense, if bills are piling up you may be looking at alternative ways to quickly get additional funds.  Best advise is DON'T do a Title Loan.  Title and Pay Day loans are one of the quickest ways to find yourself in bankruptcy.  Best advice is to start an emergency fund for yourself today.  Just $10.00 per week is a great start.  Start it and don't touch it. 

Considering a payday loan? Think long and hard beforehand.

We've all seen the commercials on television or heard them on the radio. Payday lenders often have catchy jingles or flashy graphics advertising easy money with no credit check. Initially, they may seem like a good idea and a viable solution to a period of financial difficulty.

The complex intersection of divorce and bankruptcy

Money matters often lead to divorce, even at middle- and upper-income levels. In fact, arguing about money is the highest indicator of the risk of divorce, says Kansas State University Associate Professor of Personal Financial Planning Dr. Sonya Britt.

Financial stress in retirement: Is bankruptcy the answer?

Retirement is meant to be a time when one can enjoy life without all of the harassing phone calls or numerous bills coming daily causing stress. Grandma and Granddad are struggling to meet their basic needs and tell stories about skipping meals to afford their medication. This is not new. Financial stress in the last few years has intensified with low interest rates and increased health insurance costs.

Get the best results from your tax refund

As we enter tax season, you may be eager to get to the tax preparer to find out how much you will get back from Kansas and the feds. What if your tax refund still won't make a dent in credit card debt or medical bills that piled up while unemployed or battling illness?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy might help you keep your home

The mortgage company promises of more time have run out. Foreclosure notices are piling up and a foreclosure sale is nearing. Where will your family go if you lose the house? You are not alone. Many have faced similar worries and have found help from bankruptcy.

How bankruptcy law evolved: From debtor's prison to discharge

You can do everything right, but certain things are beyond your control. Job loss when a company relocates/closes offices or streamlines for cost savings is one. In Topeka and the surrounding areas, it can be a challenge to find another position with the same pay.

Consumer, commercial bankruptcies still on the rise

Can you believe it? In spite of the claimed economic recovery in parts of the country, both consumer and commercial bankruptcies are up compared to this time last year. The American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) reports that August of 2016 was the tenth consecutive month showing a year-over-year increase from 2015 in business bankruptcies.

How can bankruptcy help when illness or injury strike

A fight against Lyme disease, Zika virus, fibromyalgia or any other illness may not allow you to continue working. Workers compensation claims just won't cover all the bills. You are getting less then you got before when keeping up with your bills was a challenge. It may take longer than you expect to recover from an illness or injury after an auto accident.


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