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Manage your child’s health and medical debt

It is tough when our children get sick. You never want to see them in pain. It can feel almost helpless as a parent when children fall ill. You do anything and everything you can to help them feel better. You take them to the doctor, give them medicine, comfort them and follow up as much as necessary. Unfortunately, getting sick can come with a hefty price tag. You will spend any amount of money to help your child feel better, but knowing that bills are stacking up can be extra daunting.

As the medical bills for your child arrive, you can take action to help lessen the burden.

  • Carefully review each bill. Check the date of service and the treatment provided. Make sure that these items are correct. Look for repeat charges, inflated rates, routine supplies, and prescriptions. If you find any discrepancy, you will want to take action to get the charges corrected.
  • Document everything. You will want to be organized. Keep a list of what treatments have been billed to you and what bill they were on. You don’t want to get charged for the same treatment twice. If you make any payment arrangements, or dispute any charges, make sure you have those recorded.
  • Look at your insurer’s decisions and contributions. Mistakes and miscoding can happen in the billing process. If your provider denies coverage of a procedure or medication, look at their reasoning. Don’t hesitate to contact them and question the denial. You may need to include your child’s doctor in the negations.
  • Look into financial assistance plans. Many hospitals have different payment plans and options that can help. This could mean paying smaller monthly payments to avoid having a bill sent to collections. Your child may qualify for government programs as well. Consider all assistance options.

You can’t always budget for the unexpected. Your child’s health is a priority. Don’t let the fear of medical debt get in the way. Look at all of your debt resources and take action.

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