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Bankruptcy after divorce

If you have recently been through a divorce, you know how much your life has change. Perhaps one of the changes that you were hoping for, relief from debt, hasn’t happened to your satisfaction. Divorce and financial stress are closely related so this situation is very common.

If you are looking to start your life over and are considering bankruptcy after your divorce, there are many things you have to consider. It’s not always an easy process and it may or may not be right for your situation. It’s always best to have an attorney who is skilled in bankruptcy and family law to help you through the process.

Considering a title loan? DON’T!!!

Everyone goes through periods in life when cash at hand isn't enough to cover expenses. Whether facing a lay off or an unexpected medical expense, if bills are piling up you may be looking at alternative ways to quickly get additional funds.  Best advise is DON'T do a Title Loan.  Title and Pay Day loans are one of the quickest ways to find yourself in bankruptcy.  Best advise is to start an emergency fund for yourself today.  Just $10.00 per week is a great start.  Start it and don't touch it. 


How to cope with a divorce during the holidays

If you are in the middle of a divorce during the holidays, no doubt you have felt stressed at some point or another. After all, the holidays and a divorce are two stressful events on their own. But when they happen at the same time? You have to deal with arranging a family gathering, preparing a meal, shopping for gifts, meeting with your attorney, reaching a divorce settlement, reaching a custody arrangement…

During a holiday-season divorce, you may feel downright overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are a few strategies that you can use to cope during this complicated time. Below, we have compiled a list of four tips for you to follow.

Ways you can stay a part of your business after a divorce

You spent a lot of time and effort working with your spouse to build a successful business. But now, an event has happened that has thrown the future of the business, and your role in it, up in the air. You and your spouse are divorcing.

When a married couple that also runs a business together gets divorced, among the big issues to tackle in the divorce is what will happen with the business. As a NerdWallet article notes, there are multiple ways this issue could be resolved.

The potential consequences of using a debt settlement service

When owing a large sum of money, people look for solutions that can help them work through the debt they owe. One option that people may investigate is a debt settlement service.

One point of confusion that some people have is they will conflate debt settlement with bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the legal process of having some of your debt discharged. Debt settlement, on the other hand, may reduce the amount you owe, but does not necessarily discharge the debt you owe.

Financial strain could cause both divorce and bankruptcy

Couples divorce for many different reasons. Stress and resentment are two factors that can play into the decision to divorce. If you and your spouse are struggling financially, that burden can become almost unbearable. Divorce in itself can be an expensive process. Getting a divorce while already struggling with financial issues can be arduous. The weight of the stress may make you become resentful. It will be hard, but try not to place blame.

Bankruptcy is filed to protect income and property from being taken by creditors.

Manage your child’s health and medical debt

It is tough when our children get sick. You never want to see them in pain. It can feel almost helpless as a parent when children fall ill. You do anything and everything you can to help them feel better. You take them to the doctor, give them medicine, comfort them and follow up as much as necessary. Unfortunately, getting sick can come with a hefty price tag. You will spend any amount of money to help your child feel better, but knowing that bills are stacking up can be extra daunting.

As the medical bills for your child arrive, you can take action to help lessen the burden.

Considering a payday loan? Think long and hard beforehand.

We've all seen the commercials on television or heard them on the radio. Payday lenders often have catchy jingles or flashy graphics advertising easy money with no credit check. Initially, they may seem like a good idea and a viable solution to a period of financial difficulty.

Company policies and procedures vary, but the basic premise is the same:

  • Walk into a payday lending location (or log on to their website)
  • Provide proof of your income (usually in the form of a recent check stub)
  • Give them either a post-dated check or your bank account information so that it can be debited when the loan is due
  • Walk out with the funds

How will divorce affect my quality time with the kids?

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, which means summer is here again. As the kids spend their days out of the classroom, it is easy to want to take an afternoon off of work to indulge in a day outside with them. But, since you and your spouse are getting a divorce, it's not as easy to have time with the kids. How can divorcing spouses make a clear arrangement?

Parenting plans are required in Kansas

Over my Illness but I'm still in pain

It is so nice to become healthy again after a lagging illness. But the pain goes on when you get your bill from the hospital and doctors. Changes in Washington on health care just aren't going to help and it sure won't help what has already happened.

While the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare or the ACA, has helped increase the numbers of insured, for many, the deductibles have skyrocketed, even those who get insurance through their employers. No one ever anticipates becoming ill but a $5,000 deductible is impossible to take care of by most people. Just ask yourself, do you have $5,000 saved to cover that expense. Not!!


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